Straits House, Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA Sepang

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We went on a trip to Mitsui Outlet in Sepang about 2 months ago. Reached there around 12.00 pm. We decided to have lunch first. Makan places were rather limited. In the end, we chose to go to Straits House. We queued for about 20 minutes as it was lunch peak hours.


2015-06-06 13.03.29

Our list of order


2015-06-06 13.20.29

Vanilla Milkshake. (RM12.00++)

It came last after all food and drinks were served. We had to remind the waiters many times about it.



2015-06-06 13.11.42

Red Velvet Cake (RM10.00++)



2015-06-06 13.12.32

Japanese Cheesecake (RM12.00++)



2015-06-06 13.16.52

Cheese Baked Rice with Seafood (RM22.00++)

High price tag for a simple dish. But it seemed to be one of the most popular order in this place.



2015-06-06 13.21.45

Grilled Lamb Chop (RM28.00++)



2015-06-06 13.26.41

Fried Chicken Wings (RM15.00++)


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