Anuar kari kapla ikan bawah pokok, Bangsar

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It’s been a while since my last post on my food adventure. Lots of things that need be done and It simply take my time away from blogging. But fear not, now that I’ve returned, I shall make this blog alive back with new entry and ALMOST new findings on food which I like and don’t like.

So to kick off, I start with Anuar Kepala Ikan bawah pokok in Bangsar. To be frank, I’ve read reviews regarding this stall for some time, but  never had a chance to actually try it. So one morning we decide to venture out and see what is it all about.

Reach Bangsar around 11 AM, and people are already queuing to get their taste of Anuar secret’s to die for food.

Lucky for us, since it’s still early, we are still able to find place to sit. I guess those who queuing for food are for take away.

We are at first quite confuse on how to do the ordering since we saw everyone is queuing. So I just simply ask one of their worker on how ordering works. He told us that if we are not ordering any “kapla ikan”, we need to queue. But since we are ordering that, he can just take our order without the need to queue up.

So, without wasting, we order one “kapla ikan”, two fried chickens, One fried Squid ( or was it calamari?) and their famous “tauge celur”

2016-03-10 11.14.05“Kapla ikan” – Big Portion for 2 person

2016-03-10 11.13.49Fried chicken. It so juicy and … memang sedap lah! And ohhh, it’s cheap too!!

2016-03-10 11.13.54Cook nicely but a little bit salty..which is fine with us.

2016-03-10 11.13.45Taugeh Celur. Very crunchy. Nice~!

2016-03-10 11.13.23Drinks are free ( ice tea or ice water). Overall, the fish head curry was good. The fried chicken you can just keep order and order cause it was soo juicy and simply sedap lah. I have no regret ordering all this. And the price? RM50 ONLY. Consider it very cheap in Bangsar and the entire Kuala Lumpur lah. You can’t get meal like this anywhere with that price.  I do recommend for all of you to come and try.  In fact, we will definitely come again and have the same meal all over again!

Kari Kepala Ikan Anuar
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Address : Lorong Ara Kiri 3, Kuala Lumpur
(Located At the back of TMC Supermarket.)

GPS coordinate : 3.128472, 101.668771

Or just waze : Anuar Kari Kepala Ikan

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