Lunching at 1881 De Cafe

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Jalan Ipoh…Jalan Ipoh…Jalan Ipoh. What is good here to eat? Well, there are many actually. While cruising along the wedding street of Jalan Ipoh, we found one new cafe nearby the Cantoment Camp. 1881 De’ Cafe. Sounds different than from any other restaurant that we found along this road. From far, it looks huge.We are so triggered to try it since both of us are very hungry and wanted to try something different. Now, before going on further, the layout of this restaurant is a little bit confusing at first as we thought that this restaurant is not opened since there are no signboard or what-so-ever that tell us that they are open for business. (The door are not fully open and there are very less or almost no customer at that time). When we step in, a waiter come and greet us and lead us to our table. And we are like…Oooohh…it’s open. So to the owner, we would suggest that by having a sign outside that says “We Are Open” would be great. At least we know the cafe is open for business.

Now let’s get started. This restaurant has 2 layer of seating. The outside and inside layer are for those smoking peeps. The other layer is for non-smoking customer. I don’t know at first till we see the other couple went inside. Again, a sign that say “Non Smoking Area” would be great to let customer know and choose where to sit.
Smoking Area on which we thought was non-smoking


All sorts of Certificates that has their own story.



A feeling of inside a bakery cum Restaurant


Some of their cakes decoration


Just look at those Cakes….
Flipping through their menu, we found so many variety that hard for us to choose from. The price for each are considered cheap judging from the environment plus the portion that we get. (Some restaurants which offer this type of environment will put a higher price tag on their menu)
Oh, i forgot to tell you guys that this entry is a combine entry since we have been here twice. So when I say twice, we can sniff good food here. 🙂
To begin with, my partner choose Lamb Chop. And when I ask her why, she just told me that the photo looks inviting and the price is cheap.
A complete meal with great mashed potato and great grilled lamb.


One of the best Mashed Potato. Must try!!


Looks yummy


Just look at those grilled lamb


There’s no salad dressing here, just pure salad which my partner love it since he likes vegetable without any add on
It was grilled perfectly (well done). The side dish was great. You guys really should try it. The mashed potato was the winner besides the grilled lamb. It really taste different then the others. Yummy and very soft. You can order this mashed potatoes separately.
The delicious Mash potatoes with Mushroom
As for myself, I ordered Chicken Carbonara Spaghetti. Not bad. All the ingredients are there. Creamy yet deliciously done.
Chicken Carbonara Spaghetti


Look Yummy and it does taste yummilicious!!!!
We also ordered a Golden Dumpling Dim Sum. Taste is pretty much normal. Hey, it’s just a dim sum .
Now come to drinks. Let me tell you something, My partner doesn’t like coffee. She’s not a coffee drinker. But for this drink that she ordered randomly, she was really glued to it and she said the drink was really good. I was really surprised. And when i try it, i must say… This stuff is a must try… A MUST!!!
Iced Blended Cappucino Coffee Jelly
As for myself, i ordered Ice Blended Red Bean Matcha.
A Matcha Drink!


Just look at those red beans. Yummy!!!


Great Drinks~!!!

It was a great lunch i must say, and i do recommend you guys come and visit this place. And nooo…we don’t get paid to do this entry nor free makan lah. Just an honest opinion so that you guys can enjoy good food at great price.

Check out their Facebook pages at 1881 De’ Cafe Facebook or visit their website at 1881 DeCafe
* Please note that 1881 De Cafe is no longer in operation.
  • Cleanliness
  • Food
  • Service
  • Ambience


20 & 21K, Batu 4 1/4, Jalan Ipoh
Wilayah Persekutuan
Kuala Lumpur 51200

Tel : 03-6241 0920, 012-727 5501, 016347 3137

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