Cielo Dolci, Paradigm Mall Kelana Jaya

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Whenever we shop or dine in Paradigm Mall, we never failed to stop by at this little gelato place called Cielo Dolci which is next to a pet store.Their gelato is smooth and so,so creamy. We have tried many flavours such as vanilla bean, hazelnut, salted caramel with  fairy dust

(I love the name), pistachio, coconut and gula melaka, durian and many others.

This place is different from other gelato places that we have been because the flavours are rotated and you will never know what new, quirky flavours that they will serve. There is one flavour that I have always wanted to try. On Merdeka day, I finally took the plunge  😛

Nasi Lemak. Yes, nasi lemak. Malaysian’s favourite breakfast.


In conjunction with Hari Merdeka, they have Nasi Lemak, Cham and Chocolate + Cili Padi (fuh)
I chose to have 2 flavours (RM8.80)
Vanilla Bean and Nasi Lemak


The Nasi Lemak was a tad salty. Maybe it’s due to the ikan bilis. Yup, there’s even ikan bilis in there.
I love nasi lemak and to me, this thing did taste like an actual nasi lemak.
The spiciness was there and surprisingly, I could taste the lemakness that you usually get from the rice.
I guess they added santan to this gelato.
My verdict: I love it  🙂
They don’t serve it everyday, so you may want to check out their Facebook for their updates.
  • Cleanliness
  • Ice Cream Taste
  • Service


Cielo Dolci
LG 50, Paradigm Mall
Kelana Jaya

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