Restoran Fend Ikan Bakar, Kelana Jaya



Let’s take a short break from western food, shall we? 🙂
I’m going to introduce my favourite ikan bakar place which is located in Kelana Jaya, near Restoran Mohd Chan Abdullah and Giant (and my cats’ vet clinic).

The sauce that they pour over the grilled fish and other seafood is so, so good that BF and I would come here almost every week.
In addition, the price is pretty reasonable.


The menu and price.
The makan system here is very straightforward.
You come in, get a table, order your drink, choose your fish/ seafood/ chicken from the grill counter, bring it back to your table and enjoy your delicious food.
A staff will come by to write a bill for you to pay at the cashier.
Previously, you go straight to the counter and tell (honestly :P) to the cashier what you had.
I guess they had problems with patrons who simply left without paying or “gave false declarations” to the cashier….lol.
Ikan Keli (Catfish) Set (about RM7.00)
Every set comes with rice and a bowl of sambal and curry.


Both BF and I would always put the bowls of sambal and curry aside (and not bothered with them) because the sauce on top of the fish is more than enough to kick your tastebuds.
On the other hand, the size of ikan keli that they have here can be unpredictable.
There were times when we’re lucky to get huge pieces while on other days, the size is too small to satisfy our hunger and craving.
Don’t like seafood?
No problem.
They have chicken too.
Grilled perfectly for you.
Ala-carte (about RM5.00 – RM6.00)
They have ulam next to the grill counter.Take as much as you want but no food wastage please.
Ikan Pari (Stingray) – ala carte
About RM8.50
Sotong (Squid)
About RM10.00 – 12.00.


Kerang Bakar (Cockles)
A bowl costs RM6.00
Fresh orange juice
The price that they charged are according to the size of the seafood and chicken that you take.
Our usual helpings of 2 Ikan Keli set, quater chicken, a bowl of kerang, extra ikan keli, 1 squid and a glass of orange juice are priced below RM50.00.
We were informed by the cashier that the restaurant will be moving soon to another premise nearby as they could no longer afford to pay the high rental fee.
He didn’t give the exact address, just landmarks like the Customs Department and Bank Simpanan Nasional.
No problemo, we will surely find you 🙂
Restoran Fend Ikan Bakar
Jalan SS6/20A, Dataran Glomac,
Kelana Jaya.




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