Sentul Curry House, Jalan Ipoh

BF loves Fish Head Curry very much.
Meanwhile I was thinking of eating good curry.
The pekat-pekat type of gravy.
So I decided we try the fish head in Sentul Curry House.
It’s been raining since 3.00 pm.
Still drizzling when we reached there.
Only the front portion of the restaurant was occupied.
We went straight to the counter to see the dishes that they have.
We ordered our fish head from here too.
One of the staff took a fish head from the kitchen and asked if we are okay with the size of the head as well as the price.
It was really big but BF was confident he’s able to finish it.


There weren’t much choice of dishes.
We didn’t take any other stuff except the fish head and fried chicken.


These are food from the non-vegetarian section.
Vegetables can be found near the drinks section.


Complimentary papadum.


Fried Chicken (RM7.00)
It was so delicious that both of us forgot to take a pic when it was served.
It’s a quarter chicken.
Freshly fried and served.
Well marinated and crispy.


Fish Head Curry (RM45.00)
We were told that this huge thing was Ikan Kerapu (Grouper).
RM45.00 for that size is quite reasonable.
(photo taken with my calculator)


The gravy was quite thick and spicy.
I felt the dish was a little salty but it was still delicious.
You could actually taste the spices that they used to make the curry.
(photo taken with BF’s iphone 5)


At first I was skeptical as I heard that grouper’s head is big and there’s not much meat. A bit rugi lah.
Oh I was so wrong.


Cold weather + piping hot rice + spicy fish head curry = Perfect 🙂


Thick isi.
Very satisfied with the food.
And it put us into food coma, which is a sign of good food….lol.
So yes, we would definitely come back again.

Sentul Curry House
Lot. 239, Section 8,
Batu 2, Jalan Ipoh,
Kuala Lumpur.



  1. Very expensive curry fish head, they charge about Rm 90.00 for 1 curry fish head and the taste was suck, not reasonable with the price at all.

  2. Hi shierlly, i was charged RM 90 for a fish head on 26 april too. told the boss this was exorbitant and bargained it down 15 ringgit. still exorbitant. for anyone who's thinking of going there, be careful.ask for the price first and leave if you are not happy.


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