Serai, Paradigm Mall

Caution, this is an overdue blog entry 😛
1 December 2012.
 We went to IOI Mall and had our late lunch there in one of the makan shops.
Food was really bad. Bad, bad, bad.
Not going to blog it. Not worth the time.
Feeling dissatisfied, we decided to go to Paradigm Mall for dinner.
And it turns out that the trip from Puchong to Kelana Jaya was worth it 🙂
I kept seeing signboards everywhere (even in the lift) that says Serai is now opened in Paradigm.
I was a little excited as I didn’t get the chance to try their food in Empire Shopping Gallery for it is always full whenever I’m there.
I’ve heard some good reviews about their food.
So I can’t wait to try it.
My obligatory photo of menu  🙂
Love the menu.
The description of each dish and beautifully taken photos are really helpful.
Their specialties….rice dishes.
The restaurant was decorated with pretty balloons to celebrate the newly opened branch.
Cakes and pavlova on display.
We were too full to have any dessert.
Maybe next time.



Serai Iced Tea (RM12.00++)It’s refreshing. It wasn’t too sweet.
The taste of lemongrass was not overpowering.
Love the lemon sorbet :)This was really good.
Seafood Tomyam (RM8.00++)
Just average.
The tomyam was a little diluted to our liking.
Nasi Ulam Ayam Bakar (RM22.00++)
For this set, you get a grilled quater chicken, nasi ulam, tempeh, fish crackers and kerabu.
The nasi ulam was quite nice except that I wish it had more ulam.
The ayam bakar was delicious and the kicap cili complements the taste.


Serai Platter (RM25.00++)
Serai’s signature dish.
Steamed rice with fried quarter chicken, oxtail masak asam pedas, honey squid and some acar.
The meat of the oxtail was slightly tough. Would prefer beef rendang instead of asam pedas.
The fried chicken was done perfectly.
What we loved most about this dish was the honey squid.
If I’m not mistaken, you can order it ala carte.
Another angle for better view of the oxtail and acar.
Verdict: Even though the price of food here is higher, but I wouldn’t mind paying some extra ringgit for the better quality of ingredients used and nice food presentation. The service was good and friendly. The manager even took some time off to introduce herself and chat with us. The location of this Serai is quite hidden and it may test your navigation skill. Just look for their signboards located around the mall. The food portion (the rice dishes…I’m not sure about ala carte orders) may be too much for small eaters but it was no problem for BF and I. Overall, we are satisfied with the food and service here. Will be back soon 🙂
Serai @ Paradigm
Lot.07, Level 1 Boulevard,
Paradigm Mall,
Kelana Jaya.
Tel: 03-7887 3707



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