Medan Muara Ikan Bakar, Tanjung Harapan

Not far from Sungai Bakan Seafood Restaurant is another famous seafood makan place.
Medan Muara Ikan Bakar is popular with its ikan bakar.


There’s no designated parking area.
If you’re early, you will get to park right in front of the restaurant.
Otherwise, find a space along the road.
Come early or call in advance to book a table with good view.
We were here around 6.15pm.
Some fishes to choose from.
These siakap are priced at RM39.00 per kg.
You choose your own seafood. Put them in a tray.
Ikan selar?
I’m not very good at naming fishes  😛


Besides fishes, you can have crabs, prawns, squids.
Come here only when you are hungry…hehe.
The sea creatures here are huge.
We had a tough looking for a smaller ones as there’re only two of us.
List of prices.
After choosing your seafood, decide how do you want to cook them.
These were what we chose.
Siakap, squids, prawns and ikan pari.
Queue here at the weighing counter.
Once it’s your turn, hand your tray to the staff there and tell him/ her how do you want them to cook your fish etc.
After that, you will be given your receipt.
Time to find your table.


The bakar bakar area.
Most table were occupied when we were there.
Many came with large families.
Of course all the good spots were taken up.
You can order additional dishes such as kerang rebus, rojak, omelette etc from the waiters.
Just place your order including drinks with them.
This place of cockles costs RM4.00.
The cockles were tiny  🙁
Juicy but too small.


You can enjoy your seafood with nasi lemak (RM3.00).
Comes with a piece of fried egg.
You can also choose plain rice (RM1.50) instead.
The sambal and condiments came separately.
Sambal tasted a little overburned.
Tomyam Sotong (RM27.50)
The two squids were big and fresh.
Tomyam tasted just average.
Siakap Bakar (RM35.10)
The fish was grilled perfectly.
It was not dry or burned.
I would prefer to steam the siakap though.
Btw, sorry…I forgot to lift up the banana leaf  😛
So no pic of the siakap.
Our most expensive dish of the night.
Sweet and sour prawns (RM42.50)
I enjoyed this dish the most.
The prawn were big, juicy and sweet.
We took 12 prawns  😛
The reason we came to this place was because of me.
I was craving for ikan pari bakar.
At RM15.40, this dish disappointed me.
Even with the air asam….the pari tasted average.
Nothing special.
I only managed to eat 2 out of five pieces.
The aftermath.
We polished off everything except the stingray.
BF doesn’t eat pari, so he couldn’t help me to eat it.
Verdict: The seafood was fresh. I like the concept of choosing your own fish etc. The price that we paid may look high as there’re only two of us and the dishes we ordered were enough for 5 – 6 pax….lol. We have read many comments online regarding their service. No doubt this restaurant is understaffed. But one or two of the waitresses need to learn some manners. They forgot to the air asam when they sent the ikan bakar. We had to remind them a few times. One of them even rudely replied “kejap, kejap” before disappearing. Still no air asam. After complaining to a girl whom we think was the supervisor, only then we got our air asam. There was a customer from another table who came to our table and complained to the same supervisor about not getting her air asam. So it’s not just us who had the same problem.
Medan Muara Ikan Bakar Tanjung Harapan
Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin Kaw 20,
Bandar Sultan Suleiman,
Pelabuhan Klang Utara, Port Klang,

Tel: 03-31766929


  1. Pegi sana last week. Makanan x la sesedap mana, biasa2 je. Ikan, sotong ,udang langsung x segar. Service agak lambat sebab masa tu rmi org kot. Paling x best Ketam masak cili guna perisa tomyam. Harga pun agak mahal. Klu nak mkn seafood i recommend dkt senadung malam bagan lalang. Seafood segar dan murah. Hri tu mkn 2org rm65 berbanding dengan muara ikan bakar rm86 dengan kuantiti dan menu yg sama


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