Bangkok (Final Part): Random Photos of BKK

This will be the last post on my Bangkok trip.
Because I was there for a 3 days meeting, I didn’t have the time to do much shopping or visit any famous places.
Nonetheless, I enjoyed my stay in Bangkok and hope to be back here soon.
(I so wanna go to Chatuchak Market…..hehe)
Here are some random photos that I have taken.
Enjoy 🙂
View from the crossing bridge in front of Platinum Fashion Mall
It’s a Sunday, so the traffic was not heavy
Fresh tangerine juice (THB20). It’s a must try.
I love it so much that I bought a few bottles back to the hotel and kept them in the fridge.
One of the two shrines in front of CentralWorld.
Night scene.
Room service in Amari Watergate.
Both dishes were from Thai On 4 Restaurant.
Deep Fried Seabass With Tamarind Sauce (THB400)
Green Curry Chicken (THB290)


Suvarnabhumi Airport
Reliquary Urn of the Lord Buddha



View from another angle



Mangkorakarn statue
Maiyarab statue.
For those who missed their breakfast 🙂
The airport looks grand from this view.



Pretty flowers.
Packed and ready to fly home with you  🙂
MH = Malaysian Hospitality
Whenever I fly on MAS, I always look forward to my favourite part of the pilot’s announcement….”bla bla bla dan kepada penumpang Malaysia, kami ucapkan selamat pulang.”
It’s great to be home 🙂


I bought this at the airport…I couldn’t resist it even though it was THB150.
Sadly it wasn’t as delicious as I’d hoped.
It was pre-packed and the coconut milk has spilt.
Bought a few packets of glutinous rice.
Maybe will make pulut kuning and bubur pulut hitam.


The rice cracker on the right was bought from the airport.
Thai Coconut Roll (THB160 per box)
Bought these chips from Platinum Mall. THB100 for 4 packets.
The missing packet is the banana flavour.
Nice and crunchy 🙂



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