Bangkok (Part 3): Food Court in Platinum Fashion Mall, Bangkok

As mentioned in my previous post, the Platinum Mall is located opposite of Amari Watergate. It’s so convenient as the crossing bridge to the mall is just a walking distance away.Platinum Mall is a wholesale mall, selling clothes and accessories.
So if you buy more things from the same shop, you will enjoy the wholesale price.
I only had time to buy 2 tops and some souvenirs from here as my meetings often finished late.I took this pic from my room.

View from the road.

I heard that there are thousands of shops here.
If you like fashion, why don’t spend your day here?
And don’t forget to bring a trolley bag  :p

Pretty purses.

I like the name of this shop….lol.

The food court is located on the 6th floor.
There’re many stalls selling different types of food.
Besides that, there’s also KFC.

The most popular stalls are the som tam stall, the goreng-goreng stall and the one selling desserts.


No cash is accepted at the stalls.
Before ordering your food, be sure to get this debit card first at the card counters.
Hand it to the staff at the food stall when you purchase your food.
Any remaining balance will be refunded when you return your card at the counters.
Rice with Char Siew and Black Pepper Sauce (THB 55).
I’m not sure if this dish was really good or I was just too hungry  😛
Rice Noodle Spring Roll (THB 50 per piece)
At about RM5.00 each, it’s not cheap.
But I was curious and it reminded me of Vietnamese Spring Roll.
So I bought 1 mince pork, 1 tuna, 1 shrimp and 1 crabstick.
Tastewise….hmmm….I only like the spicy green chili sauce.

The dessert stall.
Many varieties of Thai dessert.



But I’m here just for this beautiful looking pulut (sticky rice) with mango.
Sweet, sweet mango with just the right amount of santan.
I wish I could eat this every day.
Just can’t get enough of them.
Egg Noodle stall.

Tapau some food from the Egg Noodle stall.
This is Egg Noodle Shrimp Wantan, Char Siew and Crab Meat (THB 60).
The portion was quite big.
I like the noodles. It tasted different than the usual wantan mee in KL.
(and I still can’t believe I spent THB50 for a tiny piece of spring roll….lol)


Durian Waffle.
This was really good.
It’s warm and soft.
It’s caramelised on the outside but not overly sweet.
Definitely will be back to try other flavours in my next trip 🙂


One of the most popular stalls….the goreng-goreng food.
On my last day, I bought Pad Thai (THB 75) and Fried Oyster (THB 75) from there.
The Pad Thai was quite delicious.
It’s flavourful.
It has lots of spring onions and bean sprouts.
Before eating, I added some crushed peanuts for extra flavours,


Fried oyster was good too.
The juicy oysters were done the way I like…half cooked  😛
View from different angle.
See the plump oysters?


Had a bowl of Bird’s Nest too.


Inside the bowl, there’re a few pieces of gingko.
I have never tried bird’s nest before, so I’m not sure if this is real bird’s nest or not.
The gingko was real though….lol.
The soup tasted slightly sweet while the bird’s nest reminds me of white fungus.
I paid THB300 for one bowl…not sure if it’s worth the price or I kena ripped off.
(btw, sorry for the picture quality.)




Bought this from a peddler near the bridge while on my way back to hotel.
Tasteless durian and not enough lemak.
Should have bought the sticky rice with mango instead from the lady next to this durian peddler  😛

All in all, I enjoyed the food sold in this food court.
The food court is clean and spacious.
The prices are quite reasonable…except for the spring rolls  😛
For those who wish to take away their food, an additional of THB5 will be charged.

There are also two Halal food stalls to cater to Muslims customers.


Food Court
Platinum Fashion Mall,
Petchburi Road,
Bangkok, Thailand.



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