Bangkok (Part 2): Breakfast at Amari Watergate Bangkok Hotel

While I was staying in Amari Watergate, I had my breakfast everyday at the Promenade Restaurant which is located at the 4th floor.
Breakfast starts at 6.00am.
It’s still empty at 6.00am.


Different types of juices.
There were also fruit smoothies.




Fruits counter.
Next to it is the cold platter section.


Bread and pastry section.
If you love freshly made croissants, breads, buns, danish pastries and cupcakes, you won’t be short of choices.




Delicious salad and hummus at the Middle Eastern section.
Here are some pics of what I had for breakfast during my stay in Amari.
Every morning, I would start my day with a bowl of fruits and muesli…….


…… and then, off to an unhealthy start….hehe.
Chicken yakitori = nice and tender.
Fried rice and paratha = nothing can beat our nasi goreng cina and roti canai.
That’s baked beans on the right….didn’t taste good at all.
Fried noodles were quite tasty.
I had second helping of the noodles….and the dhal too.
Pad thai = not as tasty as the one I bought from Platinum Mall.
That’s salad that I took from the Middle Eastern section.
It’s refreshing and crunchy.
On the my last day, I finally tried something from the bread section….took an apricot danish pastry.
It’s warm from the oven, it’s delicious.
See that sugar coating?
It would make anyone with a sweet tooth happy 🙂
I also had congee for breakfasts.
On my first day, I had minced pork congee.
I like that the restaurants served many types of condiments.
Usually I would take salted egg, fried garlic, spring onions, soy sauce and pepper.
Just mix them all up and it’s ready to warm your stomach  🙂


This is seafood congee, with squids and prawns.
Boiled rice with pork.

The Promenade Restaurant
Amari Watergate Bangkok Hotel
847, Petchburi Road,
Bangkok, Thailand.


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