Ramadhan Bazaar, Kg. Sungai Penchala & TTDI



I went to Sungai Penchala and TTDI’s bazaar on last weekend.
Didn’t have the chance and time to go earlier.
TTDI has always been my one of my favourite bazaars, besides Kg. Baru.
I didn’t take many photos as there was a huge crowd.
Bazaar Kg. Sungai Penchala


There’re a few other stalls selling murtabak but Murtabak Beratur’s the most popular.
RM3.00 per piece.
We bought 3 pieces of chicken murtabak and 1 piece of beef murtabak.
They looked so thick and big.
We thought they must be fully filled with meat……lol.


The pakcik puts all the cooked murtabak on the pan instead of putting them on a separate tray.
As a result, the bottom of the murtabak was slightly burned, making them taste dry and tough.
Verdict: Not recommended. 
There was hardly any meat in it.
Tasted weird too…probably because of the dough.
Drive to TTDI Bazaar and get Raja Murtabak instead.
Worth to beratur (queue).
And they have more variety including Murtabak Cheese  😛
Bought two sticks of this fried chicken.
Original and spicy flavours.
At RM1.00 per stick, don’t expect to be on same taste and quality level as Shihlin Taiwan or Uncle Bob Chicken.


Bought a packet of cendol (RM2.00).
The seller used ice cubes instead of shaved ice.
Ahhh….the famous Jalan Bellamy’s Ikan Bakar is here.




Bazaar TTDI
The main reason I love TTDI’s bazaar is the Nasi Briyani Johor stall by Rahimah Catering.
We were there around 5.15pm.
As usual, there was long queue of people.
And they were down to the last kawah of rice.
That shows how famous is their briyani rice.
Try to be there early.
The rice and ayam masak merah always run out fast.
That’s Bob on the left.
He’s more generous compared to his friends.
He would give you more rice….hehe.
So try and get him to serve you  🙂


They have ayam masak merah, beef curry and mutton curry.
I didn’t get to snap a pic of the ayam masak merah.
For the price of RM9.00, you will get a quarter chicken and you can even request any parts you like.
I always go for whole leg.
This is the mutton.
Ignore the layer of oil  😛
Just scoop the oil out before serving.


This will be my last post on Ramadhan 2012.
I would like to wish all Muslim readers “Selamat Hari Raya” and have a safe journey to your kampung.
Kg. Sungai Penchala & Taman Tun Dr. Ismail,
Kuala Lumpur.



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